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Sourav Rakshit

Hello, I’m
Sourav Rakshit

you can call me rav.
A software developer and open-source enthusiast
enjoying the sunny life of Kolkata, India

Backend Development

API Design, Development and 3rd party service Integrations using Laravel - the hottest PHP framework out there

Web Application

Highly interactive advanced user interface development using ReactJS - a component based stateful modern javascript library

Server Deployment

Flexible and scalable cloud VPS server setup & deployment with modern cloud infrastructure solutions like AWS, Digitalocean

Native Application

Cross platform truly native app development using platform agnostic native components powered by React Native

I am a Full-Stack Web and Mobile Application Developer who loves problem-solving, learning & sharing knowledge. Expert in Laravel & React JS; helping organizations bring their concepts and products to life… to make people’s lives better.

I never had a career plan, it was eight years ago when just casually I was looking at a programming fundamentals pdf guide in my phone and found something on that day, since then never spent a moment thinking about what I want to do. The subject I always ignored will become a major part of my life is something I never imagined possible.

My distinctive strategic thinking helps me to pinpoint the holistic scope of a product and evolve it by adding new business ideas, innovations and values that meet user needs as well as business objectives.

I work with the latest techniques in web & native mobile app development and my agile workflow is the result of the precisely combined tools and strategies that include object oriented patterns, test driven development, build scripts, pre-processors and minification, source code management, testing as well as deployment.

Sourav signature

Primary areas of focus & Expertise


React JS

React Native

Tool Belt

Utilizing my full-stack development expertise to engineer feature-rich Web and Mobile applications that solve complex requirements.

2023 tech stack
and Interest

    Alpine JS




JavaScript runtime


Relational Database


NoSQL database


Web Server



React JS

JavaScript library






Module bundler


CSS framework

React Native

mobile application framework

RN for Windows

framework for windows app dev

Realm DB

object-oriented mobile database


a compatibility layer for running Linux binary executables natively on Windows


open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications

Maintaining few Open-source crafts.

It is fascinating how the possibility of open source makes anyone to comeup with their innovative idea & creativity, which lead to the creation of vast varity of libraries & packages, and I feel proud being a part of such great community. Below are some drops to that ocean, an attempt to make the web better.

Emmet like Abbreviation to generate and wrap Laravel Blade Content with markup

Turn Laravel Livewire Component into Modal

Handle scheduled tasks associated with Eloquent models

The fetch api with the ability to cache response



Electronics and Communication Engineering

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal



They say two wheels move the soul

Love spending time by finding places and unknown streets on two wheels where map cant guide


Music Interest

Big admirer of soft Acoustic Guitar Tunes

Depending upon what I'm doing absolute silence or Country / Jazz guitar in the background is my preference. Huge Fan of Tommy Emmanuel

Try this playlist:


There is nothing more Romantic than walking

I can walk for hours whether in group or just by myself exploring the branch to the leaves, walls and the bricks, the waves of river and the blow of the wind, dance with the moon and float with the breeze.

From the little window to the rooftops, dim street light to the dark still sky they all exhibit story

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